Meth/P Testing for Rental Properties

Meth/P Testing for Rental Properties

Rental properties are the preferred sites for people cooking methamphetamine, with around 75% of meth busts being in rental properties.

 At Meth Check NZ we provide a full methamphetamine (P) contamination check for rental  properties, protecting landlords, real estate companies and tenants from the dangers associated with this Class A drug.

Rental Properties

Tenants are increasingly nervous of renting a home, apartment or business that may have been contaminated by Methamphetamine usage or even worse used as a Meth lab.

A Meth Check provides evidence that the property being rented has been thoroughly checked and found negative, reassures tenants of the safety of that property showing a high degree of care taken by the landlord and letting agent.

Pre-rental testing assures the property owner, letting agency and tenants that the property is not contaminated prior to occupancy.

Post-rental testing can provide valid evidence that the property has been used as a P lab or for recreational P usage, allowing the landlord or letting agency to take appropriate legal action against the offenders.

Landlords and real estate agents, who rent out a contaminated property, are in breach of the law and may face legal action against them from the Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal.

Properties for Sale

A full meth check included in the information provided to potential buyers not only shows that the home is safe, but also reassures potential buyers that they are dealing with a responsible real estate agent.

Selling a property that is found to have been used as a meth lab not only puts the buyers at risk but would do lasting damage to the reputation of the real estate agent and the company which sold the property

Our Services

Our service for Perspective Property buyers:

  • Conduct a full comprehensive test for Methamphetamine contamination
  • Compile a pre-purchase report, ensuring peace of mind to perspective proterty buyers that your new property is not contaminated by Methamphetamine
  • Provide a detailed report on levels of contamination in all areas of the property if found to test positive
  • Meth Check NZ can arrange a decontamination service for the removal of the harmful effects of methamphetamine dependant on the MOH levels (Ministry Of Health guidelines)

Contact Meth Check NZ for a full check of all properties before purchasing your next property investment.

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